About Sabine Solutions

About Sabine Solutions

Sabine Solutions is a veteran owned small business specializing in innovative, state of the art technology solutions. We provide hardware and software integration and engineering support services to government and commercial customers, primarily in the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community. Our focus is in broader innovative Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) solutions and the software required to support integrated collection, exploitation and decision systems. Our goal is to provide our customers the highest quality support possible with the most experienced personnel available as inexpensively as possible.


System and Software Engineering

Sabine Solutions engineers solutions to the hard problems. Our Technical Approach begins with our Subject Matter Expertise and highly differentiated ability to translate requirements into Design. Our System Architecture & Engineering efforts range from developing simple mobile applications to integrating multiple services, apertures, and capabilities to support data fusion products. From concept to delivery, our engineering team gathers and refines requirements and capabilities to select effective solution paths. Our technologists keep pace with trends and innovations in order to select the right tools and subsystems to meet the envisioned design. We tailor our systems to meet the mission, from tactical military specification platforms to the enterprise cloud architectures. Our engineers have experience designing Java, .NET and LAMP based solutions for custom (VMWare and OpenStack) and public/private cloud (AWS/GovCloud) deployments.

Operational Support and Training

Sabine Solutions provides system enhancement and administration to deployed operational military systems. Our team includes subject matter experts drawn from Department of Defense, Commercial and Civilian sectors. We have developed, operated and maintained information systems in diverse environments ranging from harsh deserts to corporate boardrooms. We support the systems we build and our customer systems. Our engineers are subject matter experts and train the systems we support. Our Leadership team is highly experienced in directly managing operations from Tactical to Strategic.

Cyber and Electronic Warfare

Sabine Solutions provides CEW solutions and supports QRC/Prototype programs to bring Soldier focused capability to the current and future battlefield. Integrating aperture and environment data to display intelligence information is the core of our subject matter expertise. Sabine brings extensive experience in the development and deployment of real world Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO), in providing offset capability sets that repurpose extant systems and in designing highly efficient Spectrum Management solutions enabling Real time (RT) understanding to Threat use of the Electromagnetic environment.

Knowledge Management

The Sabine Solutions team provides complete knowledge management solutions to the end user. The data and information generated through daily operations creates a foundation for future success and innovation; collecting, indexing and making this information readily available promotes rapid adaptation and creation of new and more efficient processes and opportunities. The company’s strength is in designing and implementing data engineering solutions to support the users anywhere and anytime. Sabine provides end-to-end data solutions that include the development of workflows and supporting algorithms that improve the Real Time (RT) delivery of information to the decision makers. Managing knowledge (data) is central to exploiting it. Our secure knowledge management solutions scale from small team efforts to large organizations and we use the solutions we provide.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is the context from which we provide all our solutions. The Sabine Solutions team were early adapters of collaboration and provide support to collaboration as a service. Innovation and motivation are the result of clear and effective communication, supplemented by the expertise of contributors and leadership by managers and product owners. By leveraging these benefits, we help teams succeed in delivering outstanding products. We provide secure cloud development, integration, and collaboration environments for our engineers. We leverage collaboration applications like chat, whiteboarding, video conferencing, and services like the Atlassian Suite and Redmine to support the entire technical staff. Our virtual cloud based lab enables rapid and cost effective R&D efforts. We use our secure infrastructure to provide a highly flexible and creative environment for the exploration of Mulit-sensor Integration, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and other future developmental topics.

Secure Information Environment

Cyber threats and regulatory compliance require a new way of thinking about the digital environments we operate it. At SSI, we have developed an information working area model that provides the security and compliance required by regulatory and privacy needs, enabling you to focus on your business goals.

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